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How to change a virtual address with the trade register?

Any company that is registered by a notary with the Dutch trade register shall also register a company address. If favoured, a postal address can be registered too. The same counts for a business using a virtual office, shared office center or multi-tenant building.

After incorporation of your business the notary takes care for registration of your business. You shall have arranged a business address before the company registration.

Proof of entitlement to use the address

For address registration of a company, proof of the right to use the business address shall be provided to the notary or trade register. 

A copy of a rental agreement can be such proof. A signed confirmation of the owner of the property, that the address can be used by your business, is also valid. 

If it appears from the lease that the office space, or a desk at the address, can be used permanently, the address can be used for registration as a visiting address at the trade register. 

The possibility shall be there to be permanently present. This does not mean that someone shall be present on a daily basis.

Registering a new or changed office address of any legal entity or branch office shall be filed with the trade register. Also do not forget to update the telephone number if the change of address results to a new contact details.

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Methods to change a registered address

There are three ways to update the address of a company:

1. Have a notary file the new address electronically with the trade register.


2. File the new address yourself, as director, electronically at the following site. It is only available in Dutch language. You need to have a Digid (a Dutch kind of online ID) and a Dutch bank account.

 3. Use a hard copy form. It is signed by one director and sent to the trade register with a wet ink signature. You can find instructions of the trade register and the applicable form 14 here. 

You have to report the change of address of your business in a week's time. If the address is not updated, it may have consequences for your company's liability.

An update of the registered office address via the notary is most fast. Here the processing takes half a day. The processing time of an online change request is less than 3 days. Using a form, the time to deliver the form at the trade register shall be added.

There is no charge by the trade register for processing the change of the address. You can monitor at the website of the trade register if the changes has been updated already. If you search for the name of the company, the registered address is shown.

Directly after the change has been processed a new extract can be requested: an online extract in Dutch, an online extract with a certified digital signature in Dutch or English, or a hardcopy via post in Dutch or English. 

Legal firms can also pick up extract at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam via a courier.

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FAQ’s on Virtual Office Services

Do you wish to rent a virtual office address for your  business in the Netherlands? Here you find the answers on your questions. You are welcome to ask any unanswered questions.

Shall my business' virtual office address be arranged before incorporation?

The company formation agent needs to have proof that the address can be used by your business. So normally a rental agreement is signed before incorporation.

Some banks also ask businesses for a rental agreement. So have it available when making a bank account opening request.


Is the Chamber of Commerce asking a fee for changing the legal or post address in the trade register?

The processing of a registered address change by the Chamber of Commerce for an existing company is free of charge.

Can I use a residential address for my company?

It is not required to have a corporate address. Note that the use of a residential address can lead to visitors to your private address. Also, a virtual address give a more professional image towards your clients and business partners.

It can be that for some business activities, the use of a residential address by your business requires the permission of the municipality. In particular if the address is no longer used for housing purposes.

Can I solely use the registered address and post scan service?

The virtual office service is offered as a package including the use of a small desk. This is required by the trade register. It is also better for your company’s tax substance.

Is it possible to forward the incoming post of my company?

Most virtual office providers offer the service of forwarding the post or collecting it so you can come to pick it up. 

Under Dutch law it is not required to have the original invoices or contracts in the company’s administration. As a result, most tenants solely wish to receive scans of the incoming post.

Can I receive an unlimited number of letters?

Most Dutch virtual office providers apply a limit and charge additional fees when passing the limit. Check the conditions beforehand if you expect a high number of incoming post items.

Can I receive packages on a virtual address?

Most virtual office providers do not provide the service of receiving packages. Most of them also do not facilitate the pick up or sending out of packages. Check the conditions beforehand.

What is the minimal term for virtual office rent?

Most virtual office agents apply a minimal term of 12 months. There are also virtual office providers offering terms of 3 months. Most contracts are automatically extended.

How much does an independent office cost?

An own office for 1-2 persons of around 11 square meters with a desk and internet costs around EUR  250-500, ex. VAT per month in Amsterdam. At other locations in the Netherlands, the rent could be lower.

Can my tax advisor or accountant provide registered address?

It is not allowed for tax advisors or accounting firms extend their services with domiciliation. The provision of registered address services with any other corporate services is only allowed by strictly regulated trust companies.

Can the virtual address be used for registration with the trade register?

The virtual office services include a business address. When you register the new address of your business, the trade register will ask for proof that the address can be used. The rental agreement that your business will sign can be used as confirmation for address registration with the trade register. 

Do I pay property tax when hiring a virtual address?

Under most virtual office contracts, your business is not required to pay property tax (in Dutch: OZB). Property tax is an annual tax based on the value of the property. 

Note that in case your business rents or uses an independent office, your business can be required to pay property tax. For small offices it is an amount of roughly €500 per year. Your landlord will pay property tax too, as being the owner of the property. 

D0 I pay VAT on an invoice for virtual address?

Dutch VAT (21%) is applicable to virtual address services. If a foreign party from the EU is invoiced, a reverse charge of the VAT is applied. Parties outside the EU are not charged any VAT. 

In case of an independent office with an exclusive use of real estate located in the Netherlands, the situation can be different. Than it is possible that Dutch VAT is charged to foreign parties.

FAQ’s on Company formation Services

Can a Dutch company have a foreign resident director?

Under the Dutch civil code it is possible for a company to solely have a foreign resident director. Note that a normal VAT status requires your business to have a permanent establishment. In case of holding and finance activities with tax treaty benefits, your business is obliged to meet the Dutch substance requirements. 

Also Dutch banks want your business to have Dutch presence. It is often a reason for refusal of bank account opening with ING, ABN AMRO and Rabobank. In particular in case of a director residing outside the EU.  

What share capital is required for a company in the Netherlands?

There is no share capital requirement for new BV's anymore. So the capital amount can be even 1 euro cent. Still it is advised to have at least 100 shares for future events. For example, in case you sell a part of your company. 

It can be convenient to have a capital of EUR 5,000. This gives a title to transfer funds so the initial expenses of starting the business can be covered.  

The share capital can be in any currency. It is not required to immediately pay it. Note that there are tax risks and insolvency risks in case the capital remains unpaid.