Virtual Office in the Netherlands
                                                     Keep your business flexible

You can benefit from a virtual office in the Netherlands: 

Your presence in the EU enables your business to grow and be close to its customers.

A business address without long term contracts. We will arrange the address registration for your company.

Incoming post is scanned and forwarded by email. It makes the processing of your business post easy and organised.

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Move to a virtual office now

It does not matter if you start a new business or run an existing one, virtual office is in many cases the best solution. 

Doing business with a registered address, saves you a large amount of money every month. More and more business can be conducted from any location in the world.

Do you wish to move your office? Contact us via our contact form or telephone to discuss the attractive fees and best process. 

We will take care for a smooth switch, including the registration at the new address of your business. Do not spoil any costly time and terminate your existing rental agreement now.    

All about a virtual office in the Netherlands

The concept of virtual office is not defined under Dutch law. At the same time under the Commercial Register Act, a registered office address is a required for companies. 

The same counts for other legal forms such as coops and partnership and even self-proprietorships and branch offices based in the Netherlands.

By definition, a virtual office can be described as a legal office address used by businesses which need an address. The virtual address is used for registration and receipt of post without renting an actual physical office space.

The purpose of the virtual office address is to provide the Commercial Register, Dutch tax authorities and other government bodies with a legal address. Also the availability of shared work spaces and meeting rooms is common.

A legal address does not need to be in the same part of the country where your main commercial activities are carried out. 

But it does need to be a full, physical postal address with a dedicated desk or office space for your business. The use of a home address is permitted.

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A virtual office in Amsterdam

As a business owner you have to find clients and need to convince them to choose for your company. A virtual office addres in Amsterdam offers four huge benefits that will have your business florish:

An affordable start for your company in the business heart of the Netherlands.

Being associated with the creative image of Amsterdam and the 'made in Holland' brand reputation.

A professional image to your clients and business partners.  

Access to the EU market and being in close proximity to millions of wealthy clients.

Virtual office package services and fees

Virtual office packages in Amsterdam cost around EUR 100, ex. VAT per month.

Standard virtual office service packages include:

  • legal address for registration with the trade register
  • address registration support
  • scanning of incoming post and forwarding by email
  • free use of work station
  • use of meeting rooms at reduced rates
  • free internet and coffee!